An Introduction of Sorts…

Man we wish our respective bedroom were this awesome (and tidy!)

Shell: So, first off, I want to welcome the poor souls who have either stumbled upon or have been shepherded to our fair blog. Welcome! I’m Shell and she’s Nina.

Nina: This blog. What is it you ask.

Shell: Weeellll “Mass Cultured” is my and Nina’s html love child – a bloggy smorgasbord of everything (and not everything) pop culture related

Nina: We decided to start this blog because being in your mid-20s isn’t fun. Assuming you’ve completed your university/college studies, you’ve racked up a crapton of debt, and are no less sure about What You Want To Do With Your Life than you were when you were sitting in the back of your grade 10 English class, burning yourself with your eraser.

Shell: I hate to interject, but how do you burn yourself with an eraser? I never did that in highschool.

Nina: I think you just rub it against your desk until it gets warm enough. I know that’s how you do it with pens.

Shell: Teenagers are weird. I don’t get them anymore (I don’t think I got them when I was one either) but carrying on, Nina –

Nina: Hence, this blog. Navigating the roads of post-graduate life and emerging adult ennui. It’s not like we have a big mission statement, we’re just doing this because we’re bored.

Shell: So what’s the point of all this? Why should people care that we’re bored?

Nina: hmmm…because we’re…nice?

Shell: Awesome?

I think more than anything to offer to people, in today’s society of sharing, piracy, and wayyyyyyy too much information – we want to offer our own perspective with others, because we feel what we have to say can resonate with the people we know and love, and the people we don’t know and therefore don’t love (but don’t hate either).

Nina: YAY!

So, to wrap it up before this becomes a “tldr “moment -We believe that even the most mundane things can be talked about with both intelligence and wit – whether it’s an old episode from a children’s TV show, or a new art film.

Shell: We hope you enjoy our endeavor.