12 Relatives of Famous Disney Characters Whose Names You Never Knew

In much of Canada, Family Day is what’s going on today. For those not in the loop, Family Day is a totally BS “holiday” that was first observed in February 2008. The idea behind Family Day is that it gives Canadians in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia a holiday so that they may spend time with their families, because February isn’t depressing enough, apparently.

I’m something of a Family Day Scrooge, myself. Mostly because I can’t partake in any family gathering without being asked by my brethren if I’m seeing anyone, and being met with pitying glances when I say no, but also because Family Day wasn’t a thing until I was well into university. As a result, it always coincided with reading week, keeping me and my peers from taking advantage of the extra day off. Should I ever spawn my own brood, I may change my tune. As long as I remain a parent only to cats, I will not count myself among the fans of Family Day.

Nonetheless, if my Women of Marvel calendar tells me that today is a holiday, I will find some way to exploit it. So I have chosen to observe Family Day in my own way, sans family, with an entry inspiringly titled “12 Relatives of Famous Disney Characters Whose Names You Never Knew”.

Trixie, Ria, Daisy, Tessie (Thumper’s sisters, Bambi/Bambi II)


Bluebell (Flower’s mate, Bambi)


Mathilda (Alice’s sister, Alice in Wonderland)


Annette, Collette, Danielle (Lady and Tramp’s daughters, Lady and the Tramp/Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure)


Queen Leah (Aurora’s mother, Sleeping Beauty)


Sarafina (Nala’s mother, The Lion King)


James (Tiana’s father, The Princess and the Frog)



Happy Valentine’s Day!

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